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How does it work?

We handle everything

All the time you need

You can rent it per flight, hour or event.

Drone Operator

We are great drone pilots and also great cameramen. Great combination to get the shots you need.

All your files

Right after flying, we give a USB with all your files without any kind of EDITION.

May I hire you today?

The Drone Service requires a lot of planning and equipment. We suggest that you contact us at least 3 days before you want the shots.

No worries. No risk.

We have the insurance the Mexican law asks for drone operators in order to provide the service. We also have a lot of experience. A lot.



Phantom 4 Pro

  • Video

    4K / 24-30-60 fps, or 1080p / 24-60fps.

  • Photo

    20 Megapixels JPEG + DNG/RAW

  • More info

    Go to the official DJI site to know all the specs about our Phantom 4 PRO

Inspire 1

  • Video

    4K / 24-30 fps, or 1080p / 24-60fps.

  • Photo

    12.4 Megapixels JPG + DNG/RAW

  • More info

    Go to the official DJI website to find more about the Inspire 1

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